Awareness and action for a healthy environment are growing among the people. World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5th, focuses on solutions to plastic pollution. In Bakalia, activities included an art competition on "Solutions to plastic pollution" with 128 children participating. A rally and discussion sessions raised public awareness, while a workshop engaged 56 participants, including students, youth, parents, teachers, and local elites. Tree plantation activities were conducted at various locations, and saplings were distributed to schools and families. A cycle rally, awareness campaign, leaflet distribution, and community-wide initiatives involved participants from different groups. These efforts promote awareness and action to combat plastic pollution and protect the environment.

Environmental awareness initiatives included a rally and discussion involving 56 participants, including 11 children. Discussion sessions at Child Spaces educated 96 children and a total of 118 participants on reducing plastics and climate change strategies. An interactive workshop engaged 56 people, focusing on raising awareness about plastic pollution and exploring solutions. The community celebrated World Environment Day with tree plantations at various locations, distributing saplings to schools, premises, and families, using repurposed plastic bottles. Tasin (12) shared, “I regularly take part in the child focused activities organized by ActionAid Bangladesh. I have learnt that trees are useful friend to us. it’s not only increased the beauty of our environment, but also it helps to save our earth. It helps to reduce land erosion and minimize losses during the time of natural disasters of flood and cyclone. It helps to keep our environment healthy for us. it gives us fresh air and oxygen to live”.

To raise awareness about reducing fossil fuel use, a cycle rally was organized with 83 participants, including 41 children (7 girls). Led by young people, a campaign focused on raising awareness about plastic pollution and its effects. Members from women's group, Youth Group, and Child Forum visited 300 households, distributing leaflets on plastic pollution. They conducted community-wide miking and coverage 1700 household, displayed posters at vital points, and engaged in activities to sensitize children and the community about the importance of combating plastic pollution and protecting the environment.