Global Platforms (GP) is ActionAid’s network for youth-led activism. We provide innovative training and capacity development for young people to lead social, political and economic change around the world. GPs support civil society and social movements through the development of tailor-made training. We see a world full of young people who are drivers of social change.  

We started our journey in Bangladesh from 2015. Global Platform Bangladesh offers contextualised training within a wide range of topics, varying from creative activism and youth leadership to democratic governance, young women rights, youth lead social research and global citizenship. We believe that young people hold tremendous potential to challenge the political status quo and play a key role in the fight for a more just and equal world. Our vision is to be a catalyst for youth-led social, political and economic change. We want to empower young people by providing the right tools and space to learn, act and share.

Youth Engagement, 2015

  • Total Youth Engagement through Youth Hub Activities – 394
  • Total Youth Engagement through Training – 242

A Global Network Of Vibrant Youth Hubs

The Global Platforms provide innovative trainings and capacity development for young people to lead social, political and economic change around the world. Located in the regions where we can make a significant impact, ActionAid Global Platforms convenes a global network of locally managed, vibrant youth hubs offering a physical space for youth to meet, discuss and act together – a place where young people can exchange ideas with other peers in their efforts to create social change.

“The Social Media training gave me a lot of security and self-confidence when it comes to lobbying for LGBTI.”

Participant from El Salvador

Youth Engagement, 2016

  • Training – 477 participants
  • Post Training Action – 422 youth
  • Exposed to Post Training Actions – 61,420 people

Training Development & Evaluation

Building on 40 years of experience in capacity development, we have a proven system for effectively designing, implementing and evaluating trainings. In order to ensure common standards of quality in our trainings and impact after the trainings we have developed “The 6 Step Pathway for Training Development”. These 6 steps are the corner stone of developing training courses. With our Evaluation Framework we aim at providing a simple and standardized tools and frames for evaluation. As a global training organization delivering 400-500 trainings a year, our Evaluation Framework allows us to evaluate on a single activity and at the same time aggregate evaluation data for reporting and organizational learning.

“Based on what I learned from your course, I lead the social enterprise in Vietnam. We are conduct the training for youth about soft skill. On the other hand, I participate the reading book club. In this club we are discuss about democracy and other social issues.”

Participant from Vietnam

Youth Engagement, 2017

  • Trainings Held – 33
  • Training Participants – 875

Tailor Made Trainings

  • Tailor made trainings: We help you and your organisation customise or design a training from scratch so that it meets your requirements exactly. 
  • Training portfolio: We will work closely with you and your organisation to have one of our existing trainings delivered to meet your specific learning and development needs.
  • Facilitation services: Equipped with cutting-edge facilitation tools and methods, our Global Platform trainers can help facilitate your workshop, or youth forum.

Youth Engagement, 2018

  • 1,012 people trained across country
  • 30 new organizations reached
  • 4,930 people reached through youth hub events
  • 8 youth hub events organized

“I can handle and manage the projects with less time consuming rather than before. I have more confident to talk about governance.”

Participant from Myanmar

Global Platform Overview

Point of Contact

Ansarul Haque, Project Manager

Contact Number – 1611166535