ActionAid started operations in Bangladesh since 1983 and registered with the Bangladesh Government later in 1986. AAIB is an international development organization working to establish a world without poverty and injustice. The right to a life with dignity and equity for all determines the nature and characteristics of AAIB’s plans, programs and engagements.

AAIB emphasizes an inclusive society comprising of the poor, marginalized, and excluded, women, children, indigenous community people, and people with disability, and HIV/AIDS in its reach as a development partner. AAIB is striving to find simple solutions to mammoth problems with individuals and communities with the intent to usher in change, transformation at micro and macro levels in attitude, systems procedure, policy and legislation pursuing rights based approach. AAIB partners with community, people and social movements, NGOs, academic, media and government.

From a humble beginning in Char Fasson of Bhola, as an organization called ‘For those who have less’ a charity with funding from the members of UK charities for ActionAid, we transformed ourselves into AAIB. With child sponsorship funding, we had set up our first long term development programme known as LRP or Local Rights Program in Bhola in 1983.Within 28 years, we had a total of 46 LRP’s.

As AAIB started its journey with the poor and marginalized communities it became clear that their development should be led by their ideas and initiatives. Poor and marginalized people need to take charge of their dreams and realize it; we are there to assist and facilitate in the process of transforming those dreams into realities. We have tried to walk with them and grow as they grow. As the relationship strengthened, we began to understand poverty better from their perspective of the communities and that what they wanted was ‘justice not charity’. This has transformed our thinking and analysis of poverty. We began to recognize that systematic denial of rights is the main cause of poverty. Therefore, we have taken a ‘Rights based Approach’ as our modus operandi.

Recruitment Objectives

The objectives of recruitment and selection policy are to ensure that all procedures comply with equal opportunity where diverse talent and best fit are attracted and selected. AAIB ensures that all appointments made are based on required competencies. It attracts applications from potential candidates with the necessary skills, experiences and competencies deemed as being required for a particular position.

The recruitment procedures are transparent and consistent which ensures fair and equitable treatment to the potential applicants. The HROD ensures that hiring managers involved in the recruitment and selection process are properly trained and oriented in order to ensure consistency and transparency in the process which ultimately meets the recruitment objectives. HROD also ensures that recruitment procedure of AAIB is abided by the legal requirements under the labor law of Bangladesh.