AAB maintains a participatory and holistic approach at the grass root level and works with the poor and marginalized people of Bangladesh to help them understand and reclaim rights, secure improved access to natural & other resources and services as well as providing support through child sponsorship.

Administration is a critical aspect for achievement of the goals of our organization. It sets out the policy and procedures / guidelines of executing and administering daily and routine functions of the organization by its staff. As an integral part of the operations, Admin Function provide services to internal and external stake holders through establishing proper policies and procedures incorporated in Admin Policy Manual, AAB is keen to enforce such accountability and transparency at all levels of the organization.

The policies and procedures have been updated so that AAB offices’ requirements for services are achieved efficiently and effectively, while also satisfying the requirements of the staff, vendors and different service providers.

Admin Function takes initiative to ensure smooth logistics support for each and every requirement of the areas like

• Office management
• Local and international travel
• Event management
• Procurement management
• Staff Safety & Security
• Asset management