AAIB engages with a diverse audience consisting of the poorest and most excluded women, men, young people, children, sponsors, donors, state and non-state actors and institutions, media and related stakeholders. AAIB enters long terms partnerships with communities, local and national organisations.

AAIB prioritises the rights of women, and young people at the centre of all initiatives, programmes, plans and processes undertaken by it. Women bear the brunt of poverty, injustice and exclusion, and must play a vital role to shift unequal gender power relations, practices and stereotypes.

Young people represent most the population, and experience high levels of unemployment and marginalisation. They are important innovators and drivers of change. AAIB will continue to invest in children and support their growth, skills and knowledge so as to become contributing citizens of the country.

How We Work

The Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) defines our work, and is rooted in the four broad and interconnected pillars – empowerment, solidarity, campaigning, and alternatives. The success of these pillars are based on:

  • Fostering partnerships and alliances;
  • Strategic engagement with governmental institutions and non-governmental stakeholders; Strategic engagement with media; and
  • Promoting alternatives through research and knowledge sharing.