Children's active participation in World Environment Day celebrations yields a profound impact, driving awareness, education, empowerment, and environmental stewardship. Their involvement ignites a surge of creativity, innovation, and advocacy skills, fostering enduring sustainable practices. By actively engaging children, we seize a transformative opportunity to shape a generation passionately dedicated to environmental conservation and resolute in constructing a sustainable future.

ActionAid Bangladesh coordinates World Environment Day in 11 LRPs, engaging children in impactful activities. A standout feature is an empowering rally organized by children and youth groups, conveying powerful messages on climate crises, plastic pollution, and our responsibility to protect the environment. Through expressive posters and slogans, this rally ignites a collective call to action. Children lead cultural programs that tackle climate crises, pollution, tree planting, and plastic waste. These immersive events inspire positive change and cultivate a sustainable mindset in society.

In addition, children enthusiastically engage in drawing and essay competitions, using their creative abilities to combat plastic pollution. Inclusive awareness sessions conducted in schools and child development centers reinforce the importance of World Environment Day, instilling a deeper understanding and a sense of urgency among the younger generation. Today's celebrations brought together 11 LRPs, fostering collaboration among about 1750 children and youth, magnifying the collective impact of their endeavors.

Children and youth united in cleanup campaigns, removing abandoned polythene and plastic bottles from their communities. These efforts raise awareness about responsible waste disposal and the urgent need to combat plastic littering, inspiring others to take action. Children are dedicated to environmental preservation, planting trees, and nurturing the environment. Government officials and public representatives joined these events, driving systemic change and advancing the mission of World Environment Day. Together, we create a sustainable legacy for future generations.