World Environment Day is the biggest international day, led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for the environment. The day is observed since 1974. Through different initiatives, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) is working with children and the community to being them conscious of climate change. In this consistency, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) and partner organisations observed World Environment Day 2022 on 05 June with the active participation of children and community people.

As a consequence, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) organised online debate and speech competitions among LRPs on 19 July 2022 and 20 July 2022. A total of 27 children from Thanchi (LRP-34), Biswamvarpur (LRP-43), Ghoraghat (LRP-45), Bakalia (LRP-48), Mirpur (LRP-49), Lalua-Champapur (LRP-50), Chanpara (LRP-51) and Kurigram (LRP-52) actively participated in these competitions.

The debate competition was held in two rounds in which 4 groups participated. The first round was held on 19 July 2022 and the topic was "Rich people are more responsible for global warming". 12 children from Ghoraghat (LRP-45), Chanpara (LRP-51), Lalua-Champapur (LRP-50), Kurigram (LRP-52) competed in this round. The judges were Sanjida Afrin and Asfak Siraj Bandhan from the Child Sponsorship Unit of ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB). Children from Ghoraghat (LRP-45) and Kurigram (LRP-52) won this round and were selected for the final round.

“The world is one and it is yours, mine and everyone. Our beloved world will be ours. Not only the conscious role of the government and industrial owners in the safety of the environment for the protection of future generations but also the collective efforts of all can ensure a beautiful environment. The words were spoken by Prapti from Kurigram (LRP-52). On the next day, the final round started with the topic on "Awareness of government and industrial owners can make a difference in environmental safety to protect future generations". Children from Ghoraghat (LRP-45) and Kurigram (LRP-52) competed in this final round. The judges were Maria Aktar from the Resilience and Climate Justice Unit of ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB), Faria Rashid from the Women Rights and Gender Equity Unit of ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB), Mostaheed Jami from the Democratic Governance Unit of ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB). Children from Kurigram (LRP-52) won in the final round of the debate competition.

Successively, the speech competition started with children in presence of the same judges and 15 children participated in 5 groups. The theme of the speech competition was "Degradation of our environment due to science, technology, and urbanization which has some bad effects on the environment." Children of Bakalia (LRP-48) won the competition as judged by the honorable judges. Ema from Bakalia was saying, "Although science and technology have improved in the last 20 to 25 years, planned urbanization has not been developed through its proper use. Rather, the balance of the environment is being destroyed while using technology. As a result, the environment is being damaged day by day."

The event was successfully completed under the leadership of Monika Biswas, chaired by Tanzia Anjum, presented by Shabreen Shaka Meem from ActionAid Bangladesh's Child Sponsorship Unit, and with the support of partner organisations. The themes of this debate and speech competition inspired the children to acquire knowledge from various sources and apply these in real life on numerous issues of environmental protection. Fahima from Bakalia (LRP-48) said, "By participating in this speech competition, I learned about the damage to our environment due to science, technology, and urbanization. Moreover, the courage and inertia to give the speech were reduced by regular participation in Child Forum run by ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB). For ActionAid Bangladesh's regular activities with us, we are more encouraged to do these things. Also, I have read many books from the book corner of Child Space to participate in this competition from which I gained a lot of knowledge. Today I also learned a lot of information from the contestants which will be useful in our personal life."

Shourovi from Kurigram (LRP-52) added, “I got new experience by participating in this debate competition. I didn't know much about climate change before. But when I started studying for the debate competition, I learned a lot of new things and had a lot of fun learning them, which made me understand climate change in a short time. Thanks to ActionAid Bangladesh and its affiliates for providing such an opportunity for us.”