“I was always afraid of talking in front of everyone. Now I can talk, share my feelings with others. I also had no idea that cultural affairs can bring positive changes to society. But it can! It was great to know about leadership & cultural movement. We, the participants of the training are ready to aware our community of different issues through cultural activities. We will also share our learning with the other child forum members as we have to make many small groups to create awareness. We will change our community, through cultural movement. Thanks a lot, to ActionAid Bangladesh for the support”, uttered a 17-year-old girl, Barsha who was one of the participants of ‘Child Leadership & Cultural Movement’.

ActionAid Bangladesh organized 3-day-long training at LRP 55 (Khilgaon) on 14, 15 & 16th of December 2022 on ‘Child leadership & Cultural movement’ to build the leadership skills of 29 children through different cultural activities like drama presentation, singing, speech. So that child leaders can  portray the concern issues of society through their cultural performance. 

The diversified content allowed the children to learn leadership that includes the concept of leadership and its applied side through cultural practice. For example, they learned and prepared a dance that conveys a social message. They were taught how to give a powerful speech as leaders with proper body language, linguistic choice, and proper message. Everyone’s speech was recorded, displayed, and rewarded. Along with that, four dramas were prepared by them on child labor, child marriage, dengue, cleanliness and through displaying these dramas they came to know how cultural activity can be a tool of a social movement which can change society positively through the leadership of children. They also made an action plan for the upcoming six months.

Saif (16-year-old), one of the participants of the training, said, “I have some understanding who leaders are but the knowledge on how a leader can contribute to community development is new to me. Keeping confidence is the most significant thing I realize a leader should have. I had lack of self-confidence that I believe participating in this training and knowledge I gain, will help me to overcome and help me to be confident.”