Since 2010, ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) has been facilitating operation of Community Journalist Group (CJG) in its working area to focus on children to turn them into active citizens, help them be active in claiming their own rights & keep roles as change maker in their community through child participation.

Every year, the members of CJGs publish community newsletter (Trinomul Barta). Child journalists of the groups passionately wait for the yearly publication of the community newsletter. Throughout the year, they try to gather and prepare different types of writeups, news to publish in the newsletter.

The year 2022 was not its exceptional. Children from community published yearly Trinomul Barta in collaboration with ActionAid Bangladesh. They tried to portray the picture of 2022 of their community as well as created stories, poems, drew pictures. They shared their feelings through the publications.

One of the members of the community journalist group, Tamanna (15-years-old) from LRP 43 said, “It feels good to work for people of my community. Now I understand that I can support to bring positive change in my community through my write ups. I just love to express my feelings through writing. I hope one day, we child journalists will strongly contribute to change our society through effective journalism.”