Selina Begum, 37 years of age, a confident lady from Nilphamari. In 2008, Selina along with 30 other members engaged in a reflect group arranged by Action Aid to identify problems in their community and taking counter actions. Substantial lack of working opportunity for women was the main problem. for implementation. 

All members then started saving Taka 10 per week. In 2011, Action Aid arranged training on tailoring for the group members. At the end of the training Selina received 3000 taka to buy a sewing machine, with which she started making dresses from old rejected clothes and had soon seen a gradual increase in customers. Later she also started a betel nut business with some loan, and was able to actively contribute to the earnings along with her husband. With the help of Action Aid, Selina has managed to change both her life and situation for the better. Like Selina there are 95 other members who received training and are now earning and contributing to their respective families.