Towards an Enabling Environment for Grassroots CSOs in Bangladesh: Challenges and Recommendations for Reimagining Laws, Regulations and Policies

The booklet delves into the myriad challenges that affect the operating environment for CSOs in Bangladesh. These challenges primarily stem from the erosion of trust between certain segments of the CSO community and the bodies within the Bangladeshi government, as well as between grassroots CSOs and larger non-governmental organizations. The research findings also shed light on the difficulties faced by rights based CSOs in asserting their independence and the diminishing spirit of autonomy resulting from their interactions with various government departments during the registration process. The booklet further underscores the adverse experiences related to corruption and bureaucratic delays encountered by CSOs while seeking registration and advocates for increased transparency in the overall registration process.

The book underscores the existing weaknesses within the CSO community, including the absence of a unified platform for CSOs, the gradual decline of volunteerism within CSOs, and the politicization of certain CSOs since 2001. These challenges continue to pervade the civil society landscape in Bangladesh.