Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in supplying safe water to its citizens, yet serious disparities in coverage persist across both rural and urban areas. Nurun Nahar Begum lives in a slum which is situated at the center of Chittagong but people of this community are deprived of many basic services of a citizen in which water crisis is severe.This year they have identified water crisis as a main problem in the area and formulated an action plan to solve the water crisis and establishing safe water supply systems at their colony along with ActionAid .These Problems have been solved and about 490 people have been provided with safe drinking water from 100 families. Solving water crisis by their own initiative has inspired them very much and their spirit will lead them to go forward in future solving further problems .

Impact Stories

Hawoa Begum Fighting Impacts of Climate Change

Every year the embankment protecting the farmland surrounding the village of Pashurbunia in southern Bangladesh, collapses due to flooding and rising sea levels.  Hawoa Begum, 35, explains how the community…
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Power of Young People

Apia Marandi (19) and Shikha Hasda (21) from Damkura Union, Poba Upazilla in Rajshahi District work as volunteers with MAASAUS under Bangladesh Firestarter Initiative (BFI) since 2016. Being indigenous community,…
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Rayhan a young Feminist

"Every feminist is a good person. If you want to be a feminist, you need to become a good human being first.” - Rayhan, 20, a first-year student of Government…
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Sajeda is Now More Confident

Sajeda, 28, lives with her husband in Block K–10 of Camp 18 in Cox's Bazar. She fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh about a year and a half ago in the…
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Moving Safely in the Camp under the Streetlights

After passing 69 years of his life, now Azhar Mea can barely see properly due to poor eyesight and faces difficulties to walk. He uses a bamboo stick to walk…
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Improved Roads and Stairs lessen Ali’s Struggle

Ali Ahammad, 75, used to live from Gouzamil area in Myanmar with his family. The Myanmar Military tortured them in many ways and torched their houses. When it became impossible…
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