ActionAid works with tax power, redistributive justice & accountable and transparent public services with the people who need help the most. We seek to continue our advocacy and engagement with communities that enable the poor and excluded to advocate for their rights and have access to public services against the backdrop of shrinking and/or reduced space for civil society. In our engagement with government and its institutions, we seek to support increased capacity at all levels and influence the implementation of legislation. The investment in strategic engagement with the government at all levels facilitates the identification, and prioritisation of issues, and collaboration with development partners.

Core Areas Include:

• Tax power, redistributive Justice & accountable and transparent Public Services

• Deepening democracy and civic space

• Responsible business practices and ensuring workers’ rights

  • Strengthening people’s Safeguard to Protect Land Rights of Marginalized Community. (FGGII)
  • Sustainable and Responsible Actions for Making Industries Care (SRAMIC).
  • Innovative Delivery of Education in Bangladesh using mobile technology
  • Making Market Work for Women. (MMWW)