“I learned plenty of things during this training. This training helped us to learn the process of writing a good news article and all the things you need to know being a journalist. For example, the first thing we learn is newsworthiness, news writing form and using quotations, and recording conversations. We also learned about the technical aspects which are required for photojournalism and even more!” Rafi a 14-year-old participant shared his own experience about the child journalism training arranged by ActionAid Bangladesh in their area.

The world is changing rapidly around us. What we read, see, and hear in the media plays an important role in shaping our minds and ideas. It is important for children not only to understand what shapes who we are, but also to learn how to express our opinions logically and clearly. ActionAid provides a platform for children to write and express themselves by formatting individual community Journalist groups at each of its working areas. Via this group children try to collect their community news which they can publish in their community newsletter every year. ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) helps children to become aware of their rights and responsibilities towards their own community to develop their journalism skill AAB also initiate several capacity building trainings which can improve their writing and technical skills of journalism.

As a part of that this year AAB arranges a two-day long child journalism training at LRP 49 started from 1st September and ended on 2nd September 2021. 17 children from LRP 49 participated in the training where they learn about news writing skills, photojournalism, and other technical knowledge regarding journalism. This year, due to the COVID 19 situation we arranged the training only for 17 children by following every possible safety measure. Our trainer G. M. Serajul Hossain a renowned journalist facilitated the whole training with the children at LRP 49.