Published Date: Jul 08, 2020

Promoting Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Rights (POWER) Project


Consultant hiring for producing short films in rural context themed on Unpaid Care Work (UCW)


ActionAid Bangladesh (AAB) is implementing Promoting Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Rights (POWER) project funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. POWER is a multi-country project aiming to increase the income of women and their ability to control over income, through practicing Climate Resilience Sustainable Agriculture (CRSA), accessing markets and recognizing, reducing and redistributing Unpaid Care Work (UCW) and in Bangladesh, the project is implementing in Gaibandha, Lalmonirhat, and Dinajpur district. SKS Foundation is the implementing partner.

UCW is an inherently gendered phenomenon: a clear majority of uncompensated, unrecognised and undervalued care work is carried out by women. It includes household chores, childcare and care of ill and elderly persons, fetching water and collecting firewood. When this work is carried out in the person’s own home and is unpaid, it is not reflected in national statistics or economic analyses, despite its centrality to our day-to-day wellbeing. It is perceived less valuable than paid work and it is ignored and not considered to be “work” even by the women and men who engage in and get benefit directly from these activities.

In Bangladesh, a pilot time use survey was first conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) in 2012 to provide estimates of the amount of time spend in various activities of the population aged 15 years and above in System of National Accounts (BBS,2012:2). The survey shows, women above 15 years non-working women spend 6.2 hours daily and the men spend 1.2 hours in household work. Following that ActionAid Bangladesh had developed a tool to capture time spent by adult women and men in her intervention areas in Northern areas in Bangladesh and a survey conducted where the respondents were the members of the women’s collectives. It showed, a woman spent almost 12 years of their life span in the kitchen.

Under Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (UN, 2015) gender equality and empower all women and girls have been guaranteed. The global indicators for performance management for this specific goal include percentage of time spent on unpaid domestic and care work, by sex, age group and location.

To achieve the goal AAB beliefs the government should take steps for recognition, reduction and redistribution of UCW considering women’s immense contribution in family, society and state as whole. With the vision AAB is continuing the effort and working on Unpaid Care Work issue.

In this context, POWER project intends to develop two short films in rural context themed on Unpaid Care Work (UCW). The short films will depict the message of:

  • Women's role on doing UCW and how it is contributing in our economy which remains unrecognized.
  • How a simple amount of recognition and appreciation by the family and society can make woman bloomed to take part in decision making process and leadership.
  • When the burden of UCW is redistributed by the family and society, the scope for women on getting engage with economic activities and access to market increased, violence against women decreased.

Ultimately the message of equity will be shared as there is no work as `woman’s work’ in daily household chores. Instead happiness among the couples could be increased when the UCW is shared within. Thus, women can enable some time to participate equally in the society and the economy. Leadership is building up among women farmers, they are actively participating in community structures and decision-making process. POWER project, AAB will use these short films to undertake Policy Advocacy action in national and international level.


  • To produce two short films on the theme of recognition of UCW in rural context to raise awareness.

Scope of work:

There are a lot of scope to break the social stereotypes and influence people to bring change through the Audio-Visual (AV) presentation. It is a new theme and food for thought for the creative idea makers to work on.

The Consultant’s specific responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Portray the message of change and give call for action through the short films on the upper mentioned themes of Unpaid Care Work.
  • Identify new and unique ideas of storytelling, presentation and direction on the themes which will work as an advocacy tool, influence the audience to change their behavior and challenge the patriarchal norms, stigma and perception towards women.
  • Identify evidence-based research data, information, footage for the productions.
  • Identify the challenges, limitation, barriers of women and small holder women farmers due to the burden of unpaid care work.
  • Identify the position and statement of relevant policymakers, experts, academicians.
  • Use of graphics, animation and other technical inputs to make contemporary AV content.
  • Review the other productions/AV contents, literature produced by various organizations and individuals
  • In overall having creative ability to think beyond of box in concept making, video shots capturing, presentation with uniqueness, etc.

Task Implementation Plan:

  • The consultant will direct, oversee, coordinate the entire process of concept forming on the given ideas, story outlining, scripting, video shooting, editing, voice recording, audio recording, adding graphics/animation, subtitle and finally making the short films.
  • Visiting working areas of POWER project to do primary recce before shooting (if possible) and predetermine the shooting location, interviewee selection by ensuring their consent.
  • The consultant will also be responsible for all the required equipment including HD Camera, Microphone (both wireless and wired), lights (both indoor and outdoor), and also managing the Camera Person and Camera Assistant.
  • Take necessary permission from the respective authority with the support from partner organization to do the shooting.
  • Consultant will be responsible to cast the lead Actor and Actress (prominent persons from both TV and Film media, who will be interested to) to be acting in the short films after prior discussion with AAB.
  • Drafts scripts of both the short films will be evaluated by the AAB Management before shooting.
  • After incorporation of the feedbacks from AAB, the scripts will be finalized.


The deliverables of the assignment are mentioned below.

  1. 02 story outline and 02 scripts of the short films;
  2. After getting approval on the scripts, develop the 1st draft of short films;
  3. Add subtitle in English;
  4. Final submission of 02 short films (high resolution MOV File) in 10 DVDs.

Duration of the production:

The duration of each of the short films will be within 3-5min (max).

Timeline for the task:

July -August 2020

Consultant qualifications

Functional Competencies

  • The agency/individual consultant should be consisting a team of prominent director and script writer.
  • The consultant should have educational background on Film and Media Studies/Mass Communication.
  • At least 6 years professional experience on making film/short film/fiction/drama/documentary etc.
  • Experienced on production, script writing (both Bangla and English) and documentary preparation.
  • Must have good understanding on women and gender issues, care economy, human rights, women economic empowerment etc.;
  • Experienced on working with development practitioner.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Ability to be flexible and respond to changes as part of the review and feedback process;
  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to communicate and work with diverse people
  • Participate effectively in team-based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating effectively with others;
  • High ethical standards and commitment to the values of mutual respect, transparency, equity and justice, solidarity and humility.
  • Focus and result oriented

Inputs/services to be provided


  • Fulfil the stipulated in the contract and the ToR through review of documents, email communications, and meetings
  • Communicate any complications regarding the assignment as soon as possible

ActionAid Bangladesh

  • Relevant reports, previous assessments, project document etc. available to AAB.
  • Monitor and facilitate the progress of the assignment
  • Review and provide comments to the deliverables in a timely manner
  • Any other support requires for ensure the quality of the short films.


Budget and Payment:

POWER Project, AAB will bear the cost of developing of the documentary. POWER Project, AAB will bear the cost, which will be BDT 6,50,000 including all VAT and Tax.

Payments will be made in the following two installments

  • 40% of the agreed budget after signing of the contract.
  • Remaining 60% after satisfactory quality check by AAB after submitting the final production, incorporating the feedback and comments.

AAB will deduct VAT & TAX from the contract value during payment as per rules and regulations of GoB. No other benefits shall be admissible beyond what is stipulated in the contract, nor does it guarantee a regular position in AAB.

Key Contact Person:

Md. Helal Uddin

Project Manager- POWER Project, ActionAid Bangladesh (

To keep in Copy and any clarifications, please write to

Ishrat Jahan Biju

Project Coordinator- POWER Project, ActionAid Bangladesh (

Outline of the technical proposal

It is mandatory that the proposal should maintain the following format:

  1. Topic
  2. Title
  3. Executive Summery
  4. Understanding of the Task including conceptual framework
  5. Technical aspect of the proposal
  6. Story Out line of 02 Short Films
  7. Cast Reference
  8. Operational plan
  9. Submitted by: (with contact details)

Detailed CV’s of the team members, It is desirable that the proposal should contain the above mentioned sections only.

Outline of the financial proposal

The budget of the task should be broken down in details as like the following format:

  1. Consultancy fees
  2. Pre and Postproduction Budget Breakdown
  3. Cast Remuneration

The Individual Consultant/Consultancy firm may include/exclude any necessary heads from the above-mentioned format. All the pages of the financial proposal should be signed by the Individual Consultant/Consultancy firm.

Submission of the proposal

Taking the above mentioned responsibilities and scope of work if you feel confident and interest, you are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal along with a CV of lead consultant and other members of her/his team and profile of organization to on or before 14 July 2020.