Name of network or alliance: “Leave no one behind’’ (LNOB) coalistion; Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Girls Not Brides; Share-Net Bangladesh

Objective of the network or alliance: LNOB is sponsored and coordinated by the ICSO (International Civil Society Organizations); Consortium of 12 partners who are working to improve a lot of these marginalized populations, having exceptional outreach and experiences in reaching out to them worldwide. The goal of this collaboration is to identify, support, and empower marginalized and vulnerable groups worldwide in the context of SDG implementation;

Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh is to contribute to the delivery of the SDGs and enhance accountability in its implementation process.

Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 1000 civil society organizations from over 95 countries committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfill their potential

Share-Net Bangladesh platform aims to contribute significantly to policy and program development in the field of SRHR in developing countries.

The role of ActionAid, Partner or GP in the alliance or network:  ActionAid is an active member, working for achieving the objective