The Rana Plaza building, which housed five factories fully collapsed claiming the death of more than 1135 garments workers and approximately 2,500 injured people and disabilities of more than an additional thousand.

Following the tragic incident, considerable efforts have been made by the government, non-government organisations, local manufacturers, international fashion brands and individual stakeholders to ensure compensation, rehabilitation and reintegration of the affected people and workplace safety.

To this day, 8.4 percent survivors of the collapse are still traumatised and 48 percent of them remain unemployed due to physical and mental illness.
This year as we approach the sixth year of the deadly incident, it is time to critically review the status of the industry and the progress made so far, follow-up and reflect on the situation of the affected people. ActionAid Bangladesh is planning to undertake a number of activities to commemorate the 6th anniversary of Rana Plaza building collapse incident which includes a multilogue on Rana Plaza and RMG, art installation, case Stories: Photo and VDO along with a follow-up survey.