This project works with women to help empower them within their households and the community including a contribution to decision making. This is achieved by training them about their rights, and sustainable money generating activities such as climate resilient agriculture.

This project also works with families to help reduce women’s burden of unpaid care work, so that they can devote more time to income generating ventures.

The initiative was to promote opportunities for women’s empowerment and rights. ActionAid Bangladesh has been working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and SKS foundation to make this project a success since 2016.

Four areas of this project:

  1. Unpaid care work for women;
  2. Climate resilient sustainable agriculture;
  3. Market access for women;
  4. Violence against women

We have covered Gojaria, Konchipara, Uria, Udakhali, Fajlupur, Mogolhaat, Kulaghaat, Rajpur, Harati, Khuniagach village of Rangpur and Sylhet divisions so far.  
Four interlinked areas of interventions:

  1. The empowerment of women at household and community level, raising awareness of and claiming their rights;
  2. The recognition, redistribution and reduction of unpaid care work which keeps women in the private sphere.
  3. The increase of women’s access to productive resources, markets and knowledge of sustainable practices, which will ensure women continue to have a livelihood in the longer term;
  4. Affecting policy and institutional change to provide an enabling environment that supports women’s economic empowerment.