What is an emergency? Emergency supersedes preparedness of man so it is called an emergency. Emergency Response would be then the highest possible appropriate action taken within a short period to encounter/combat/meet/face an Emergency Incident is called Emergency Response. Highest Response means We use all the resources available and necessary in a particular space and time to fight Emergency. When man does so or supersedes space and time bound limitations, we say this is the highest response. The virtues of Emergency Response include faith, courage, insistence, love and compassion.

In humanitarian response, ActionAid always puts emphasis on ensuring  accountability and transparency and it should not be the one way rather both way communication needed so that community can hold us to account during the emergency responses. In the humanitarian context of the Rohingya refugee influx in Bangladesh, AAB is working in cooperation with the Government of Bangladesh. AAB is responsible for the camp management of Mainarghona camp/ extension of Balukhali camp. The accountability mechanism of AAB is not just establishing a system but will enable refugees to participate in the humanitarian aid process and hold humanitarian agencies accountable. In relation to the  camp management role and to ensure participation, a number of committees have been formed comprising of Rohingya refugees such as WASH committees, WATCH groups, and Youth groups and etc. As a result, these committees will play an important role to hold humanitarian actors to account on the aid process.