The aim of the CommsHub is to help deliver consistent tools and service support across the federation, ensuring that countries have access to support when they need it..The CommsHub offers the communications teams and wider country employees of ActionAid with a wealth of practical assistance and advice for any kind of communication purpose. The CommsHub's goal is to assist and deliver coherent federation-wide instruments and service support, ensuring nations have access to assistance whenever they need it.

What comm does

Stories are at the core of all our communications, more data about how to collect and share content can be found in this section,

• In order to recognize synergies and prevent duplication between nations, share your content plans / story leads on the content-gathering calendar.
• Share your final content on StoriesHub, the online content library of ActionAid StoriesHub Visit the stories and photo database of ActionAid.

The most cost-effective way of creating material is by writing stories. You have many different formats in which you can tell a story – from blogs to reports. Stories work best when combined with visual media.

Writing stories is the most cost-effective way to create content. You can tell a story in many distinct formats – from blogs to reports. When combined with visuals, stories create the most impact.

All content produced are subject to the same guidelines as all ActionAid communications and must reflect the brand guidelines.

There are some general principles to keep in mind for all ActionAid content:

• Always remember who your audience is and write accordingly. Use simple language which can be easily understood by anybody. The use of jargon, abbreviations or acronyms should be avoided as much as possible and in case of usage, they need to be communicated clearly and precisely.
• There are certain questions you need to ask yourself such as what would you like your readers to think and do after reading the page and how will you benefit from reading this article.
• Headlines are vital to draw people’s attention to your content. A strong, intriguing headline makes them more likely to view your content. Headlines also enable you to break up your text into easily readable chunks, allowing the reader to easily skim through the content. Here are some tips for making effective headlines:
   ➔ Keep character limit within 65 to optimize search engine indexing.
   ➔ Use present tense, powerful verbs, and the most important words.
   ➔ Use keywords that people are likely to use when searching for your content
• Keep key points and facts and avoid writing long passages
• Always be as descriptive as possible when using hyperlinks.


A brand essentially summarizes how we work, what we think, and how we achieve results. Most importantly, it shows what makes us different from other organizations.

Power in People is the brand essence of ActionAid. We need to reinforce the consistency of how we apply our brand and visual identity in our daily communications. Everybody in the organisation can play an active part in making this happen.

Our brand is more about who we are and how others resonate with us than just our logo. We must stay compatible with our visual images, whether on social media, online or on community brochures.