Child Sponsorship (CS) means a link between a child of a community in a developing country with an individual supporter / sponsor of the North (UK, IT, SW, GR, AUS). The goal of child sponsorship is to bring groups of people together to make a difference for children. Tp bring together people of all social levels ( parents, children, local organizations, programs and businesses) to create a better future for the children.


Action Aid Bangladesh embraces CS as one of the core parts of funding strategy which earns 30% of its income. CS covers around 13 districts with 15 sponsorship areas amounting up to  22500 children. AAB Child sponsorship sponsors around 15000 children currently. Our supporters are mainly middle-class and middle-aged people, women heavily and professionally, most people related to education.

The benefits

We all have those moments in our lives when we feel as if everything needs to be exactly right. It is these moments that we often refer to as special occasions. When it comes to cooking for special occasions, many of us find that we drop

Blankets and warm clothes

Coaching / education

Extracurricular activities.

Community development.


Healthy Entertainment

Training on tailoring

Leadership training